Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Pictures Reveal All

There are always rumors about celebrities getting plastic surgery interventions in order to make themselves look more young and beautiful. Usually, they refer to breast enlargements, nose jobs, Botox injections, or hair implants. We all see defects in ourselves that we would like to correct, but celebrities are even more susceptible to critique and gossip about their appearance because their careers depend on that appearance as well. Even less famous celebrities go under the knife for bodily enhancements in the hope that it will boost their careers, and for some it has really worked. One good example is actress Anna Faris, popular for her roles in the Scary Movie films.

With a quirky and even racy humor, Faris was perfect in roles of wacky women, but she never seemed to get the romantic leading parts that usually make careers for actresses like her. She was never a beauty, and her body was not as voluptuous as other women’s. Perhaps that is why she decided to have plastic surgery after all, although the star mentioned on several occasions she had never really been comfortable with her own sexuality. After her divorce, she started making changes, and the Anna Faris plastic surgery pictures started to appear.

Although she has admitted to suffering beautifying operations, it was never clear the extent to which she made modifications to her body. Only by using the Anna Faris plastic surgery pictures can we intuit some of the major changes that she agreed to. The most visible change has to be represented by the breasts; the actress was never endowed in this department, but now we can see her in sexy outfits that reveal quite a generous cleavage. The breast implants are quite visible, especially for a woman like her who was always thin with small breasts. While this is a very personal choice, we can only applaud her for not opting for larger implants which would have made her look even more unnatural and indelicate. Now her body is indeed more curvy without being over the top, and she looks more feminine and sensual.

When you describe Anna Faris from before, you could use a single word: thin. Her body and arms were thin, her hair was thin, and even her lips were thin. It was almost a pity for those big blue eyes she has; no wonder then that Anna Faris plastic surgery pictures reveal she has some Botox injections on the lips as well. They are plumper now, but again the starlet was discreet and avoided doing too much work. We also suspect slight modifications on her nose, which seems more defined than before, but that could be due to makeup as well.

All in all, Anna Faris is a great example of a celebrity who used plastic surgery, but didn’t let plastic surgery get over her.