Are Celebrities Making a Trend out of Plastic Surgeries?

Plastic surgeries seem to be the future of beauty. We all have our physical flaws of which we are self conscious. In most cases, we are the only ones who notice these flaws. Women are particularly sensitive when it comes to their self confidence. In a world where the ideal woman is perfectly shaped, is never without makeup and never gets old, it can be very hard for common women to be confident in their own natural beauty. Moreover, given the fact that common women often look up to celebrities, we can’t help but wonder where do we draw the line when it comes to copying celebrities. While it is OK to copy the way that celebrities dress or how they do their makeup, should we also undergo plastic surgeries in order to look perfect?

Do all celebrities go under the knife in the name of beauty?

It would be very harsh to generalize all celebrities as shallow and superficial. Moreover, undergoing a plastic surgery doesn’t necessarily count as being either shallow or superficial. Nevertheless, there are numerous celebrities who refuse to get old, using plastic surgeries as fountains of youth. For example, Kim Kardashian is always trying to convince us that her beauty is natural. This is very easy to understand since she doesn’t really have anything else to offer, other than her beauty. However, if you check out some older pictures of her, you will see that her looks have dramatically changed over the hears. If you do some research online, you will convince yourself that while her face might have only been exposed to Botox, the rest of her body is very familiar with the surgical knife. However, there are still some grounded celebrities who refuse to sacrifice themselves in the name of beauty. Being a good actress or a good singer should be enough in order to be famous. One does not need to look like a plastic doll in order to maintain their fame.

Are plastic surgeries a trend?

In some parts of the world, plastic surgeries have gotten so popular that they can actually be considered trends. Such is the case of the USA where wealthy young girls who look up to their celebrity role models would do anything in order to have perfectly shaped breasts and a big bottom, which apparently is the new beauty dream. Things are even worse in South Korea where it is pretty common for teenage girls to receive plastic surgery coupons for their birthdays. As you can imagine, these things are not normal. If we encourage a society where young people only value beauty, we cannot have great hopes for the future.

What can we do in order to stop this madness?

The only thing we can do in order to stop the plastic surgery trend is to start viewing celebrities as humans. We must stop having absurd expectations of celebrities. It is OK for our favorite actress to look tired from time to time and it is normal for her to sometimes be caught without wearing any makeup. No normal person can look goof at all times. Moreover, we should stop idolizing celebrities like Kim Kardashian who bring no actual value to anything, and whose sole purpose is to look good in pictures.