Bizarre Plastic Surgeries that Celebrities Opt For

Those who are always in the spotlight would do anything to maintain a great aspect. Therefore, when makeup can’t hide certain flaws anymore, celebrities turn to plastic surgery as a way to enhance their image. There are certain cosmetic procedures that are very common among stars, but there are famous people who use some of the most bizarre procedures in order to stay young and fresh. So, if you feel jealous of those who seem to be perfect, you should know that they weren’t born looking like they do. They just payed a plastic surgeon to transform them into what they are these days.

Fat transfer

Those who are unsatisfied with the way the back of their arms looks, or with the chubby aspect of their waist, turn to fat transfer as a way to correct their flaws and enhance their other features. Plastic surgeons who are asked to perform this type of operations remove excess fat from the stomach, thighs, or the back of the arms by using a cannula tube. Furthermore, they inject the removed fat around the eyes or in the cheeks. Depending on each person’s preference, they can inject the fat that they removed from certain parts of the body into their patient’s lips, but also in more special areas. Based on many rumors, Kim Kardashian chose to inject fat that was removed from her thighs into her bottom, and that is how she achieved to have such an impressive behind.

Bottom “facial”

According to body care specialists, people should not only pay attention to the skin on their face when it comes to maintaining a nice aspect. Julia Grinberg, who is the owner of a skin and wellness center, says that people who neglect their bottom often have to deal with ingrown hairs, pimples, and unsmooth skin, which is why they feel embarrassed and they have no self-confidence. Therefore, bottom rejuvenation is a necessity when it comes to maintaining a proper shape and a nice skin. It appears that Beyonce and Nicki Minaj are some of the celebrities who opted for this intense procedure that uses lasers, chemical peels and moisturizers to provide the desired results.

Underarm whitening procedure

Analyzing some pictures of Lindsay Lohan, we can notice that her underarm skin looks very weird, as it has an unnatural white color. Based on the fact that having a brownish underarm skin doesn’t look very neat, Hollywood stars decided to opt for a whitening treatment that lightens up skin by infusing a vitamin C compound in the skin. The technique used is called electroporation, and it helps those who are interested in improving their looks to eliminate the dark aspect of their skin.