Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid to Talk about Their Plastic Surgeries

There are many Hollywood celebrities who claim that they never went under the knife to enhance their aspect. However the signs which indicate that they used plastic surgery are obvious, and they let us see the exact improvements that stars opted for. However, there are also famous people who are not afraid to talk about their cosmetic procedures, but more important is that they are not embarrassed to discuss their regrets regarding this matter.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis is a successful actress who built her career on an amazing sense of humor and a killer body. However, as people reach an advanced age, they have to deal with certain aging signs that can alter their aspect and image. It appears that this is what happened in Jamie’s case as well, as she admitted that she used plastic surgery to maintain a fresh aspect. During one of her interviews, the actress said that she used a liposuction procedure and Botox injection to enhance her look, and she also explained that when she was younger she removed the fat that was underneath her eyes. She justified her decisions by saying that she felt insecure and that she needed something to boost her self confidence. Still, the star didn’t overdo any of her surgeries, so she should be appreciated for her natural aspect. Moreover, she declared that none of her operations worked miracles for her, and that is why she decided to age naturally.

Bruce Jenner

The Olympic champ Bruce Jenner opened up about his plastic interventions when he discussed about the nose procedure and the face-lift that he had a while ago. Giving that the outcome of the celebrity’s operations wasn’t the desired one, Bruce had to undergo other surgeries to repair the previous interventions. Based on his sayings, he is more satisfied now with his look than he was before.

Denise Richards

Denise is one of the actresses who tried to raise awareness of the complications that can interfere after having a breast implant. She talked about her first breast augmentation that she had done when she was 19 years old, and she also spoke about the fact that people should prepare for a long investment if they want to get breast implants. Furthermore, she explained that breast implants don’t last for a life time and that things can have a wrong turn at a certain point. She also claimed that she wasn’t satisfied with the results of her first procedure, especially since the doctor who took care of her made her breasts look bigger than she wanted.