Celebrities who Suffer from Insomnia

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that affects more and more people and is manifested by reducing the amount and the depth of sleep. This problem affects not only the sleep, but also the health because it lowers immunity, induces anxiety, depression and nervosity. Busy schedule, stress, alcohol consumption and smoking are several factors that drive away sleep and induce insomnia. Many people fought against this disturbing affection with Alteril, a natural sleeping pill that helps you gain more hours of sleep every night. If you check out the alteril reviews website, you will see that this all natural sleep remedy is a far better insomnia treatment than synthetic sedatives that come with countless side effects.

Famous people suffering from insomnia

There are many celebrities who suffer from insomnia, given their chaotic way of life and the amount of pressure on them. It may not surprise you that some celebrities suffer from insomnia. After all, artists are likely to be born with extra creativity and eccentricity that may keep them up at night. Many celebrities have developed addictions to harmful sleeping pills that have dangerous side effects, unlike altervil, which has no side effects whatsoever, according to various altervil reviews on its effects and its consequences on health.

The legendary Jimmy Hendrix

He could play the guitar for hours without taking breaks and also kept those who followed him in tournaments, awake as well. Based on the books written on Hendrix, he enjoyed having sex with a variety of women and taking drugs, which could have had a connection with the inability of falling asleep and getting rest and not everybody could keep up with his type of energy and passion.

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop was known as a perfectionist and had troubles shutting down his system at night. He had a severe drug addiction and eventually an overdose of medicines took him out, leaving behind an enormous heritage from a man able to pull off over forty years of non-stop hits and dance moves.

Actor George Clooney

The famous actor admitted that he suffers from sleep disorders thus he has troubles falling asleep and he wakes up several times throughout the night. As he turns off the TV and tries to fall asleep, he starts thinking about numerous things, which keeps him awake. This can also have a good side as he managed to write the memorable scene between himself and Ryan Gosling for the movie “Ides of March” in one of his sleepless nights.


She is another celebrity who takes medication to treat her insomnia due to her perfectionist personality and the busy schedule which keep her from getting a good sleep.

In the world of fame, sleeping pills are very common. However, they are also very dangerous. Numerous celebrities died due to an overdose of sleeping pills. Whether the overdoses were intentional or not, one thing is for sure, most synthetic sleeping pills are very dangerous. If you also suffer from insomnia, stay away from synthetic drugs, Instead, check out the alteril reviews website and deal with your condition in a natural manner.