Celebrities with Erectile Dysfunctions

An erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder which doesn’t allow men to get and maintain a full erection. The causes of this condition are various, but the most popular ones are¬†hypertension, diabetes, stress, anxiety, depression, age and a bad diet. Let’s find out what celebrities with erectile dysfunctions has to say about their medical condition. We present you three of the stars who suffer from a sexual disorder.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is one of the most loved actors from Hollywood, and the reason for that might be that he is always honest and open-minded. During one of his interviews, the star declared that he has many pleasures in life, including being a husband to Catherine Zeta-Jones. Furthermore, besides expressing his gratitude for his beautiful wife, Michael also said that he finds male enhancements very helpful, as they can make him feel younger. Therefore, we can safely assume that this great actor turned to male supplements for treating his medical condition. Among the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunctions we can find VigRX Plus, which is a natural supplement that can increase libido and cure impotence. If you do more research on VigRX, you will see that unlike other, more popular potency enhancers, this natural remedy comes with no side effects.

Senator Bob Dole

For those who may not know this, senator Bob Dole represented Kansas in the United States Senate between the years 1969 and 1996. So, you can only imagine what a great chaos was created when an American politician decided to talk about a sexual disorder. According to his sayings, the senator announced that he suffered from erectile dysfunction because he wanted to raise awareness about how serious this condition is among people. Giving that sexual dysfunctions were considered a taboo subject back then, men were very reserved when it came to searching for a treatment. So, thanks to Bob Dole’s print ads and commercial spots, the stigma of erectile dysfunction was released.

Jay Z

A shocking set of pictures in which Jay Z looked like he experienced¬†priapism appeared a while ago. It seems that the rapper was spending a few days in Paris with his lovely wife Beyonce, when he found himself in an awkward situation. In some of the pictures he looks like he is trying to cover his privates in order to hide what appears to be a full erection. Although the whole situation must have been embarrassing, things are more serious than that, because this is the side effect of drugs that are prescribed for those who suffer from erectile dysfunctions. Priapism is a painful disorder in which the penis can’t return to its resting state for more than 4 hours. It appears when men who can’t get an erection take too many enhancing pills to treat their condition.