Celebrities With Erectile Dysfunctions

Although most of us envy them for having a luxurious life and fame, celebrities can experience the same problems that normal people experience. Erectile dysfunctions are encountered on men of all ages, no matter if they are rich, poor, great-looking or average looking individuals. Furthermore, things are not always what they seem, and you might be surprised to find out the problems that some stars have to put up with. Therefore, those who envy their lifestyle and wish they could exchange places with them should think again, because nobody is perfect. Let’s take a look of two male celebrities who have to deal with sexual disorders.

Rapper and record producer Jay-Z

There are many shocking pictures of Jay-Z that none expected to see. The photos appeared a few years ago, and they showed that the artist might suffer from Priapism, which is an erectile dysfunction also known as a persistent erection. Based on several sources, the rapper might experience this painful medical condition because he might have taken too many Viagra pills to keep up with the demands of his beautiful wife, Beyonce. Due to taking too much drugs for enhancing sexual activity, Jay Z has ended up dealing with some serious side effects, as it seems that now he has a condition in which the penis keeps an erection for more than four hours. Priapism is a sexual dysfunction in which the penis can’t return to its resting state, so maybe that is why the record producer was spotted trying to cover his crotch with his hand in one of the occasions when he was out with his wife.

Actor Michael Douglas

This famous actor made headlines when he admitted for an important magazine that he is grateful for the invention of erectile dysfunction drugs. Unlike other men who consider this kind of problems embarrassing, Michael Douglas spoke freely about his condition when he declared that he is very thankful that his wife, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, likes older men, and that male enhancement products are very effective when it comes to feeling young again. We have to appreciate this wonderful person for embracing his age and for not trying to hide the age difference that exists between he and his wife. We are confident that his honesty and naturalness is what made Catherine fall in love with him, but she must also love his sense oh humor. The actor declared for the same magazine that he can’t believe that when he’ll be 75 his daughter is going to be only 16 years old, and that at that age he probably won’t be able to chase the boys away.