Celebrity Engagement Rings

   Choosing the right engagement rings is a very important step when you’re getting married, because it is a powerful symbol of the union between a two people. Engagement rings represent the holy institution of marriage and are worn to remind of its importance. If you’re not too confident in your tastes when it comes to choosing them, you can always inspire yourself from celebrity engagement rings, as they always wear the latest fashions and are trendsetters not only in terms of lifestyle and clothing, but jewelry as well.


You can find very good examples of celebrity engagement rings on newly wed couples like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The handsome actor from the “Green Lantern” movie proposed to his beautiful girlfriend with a very impressive and sparkly diamond ring. Speaking of diamond rings, they are and will always be a classic in terms of engagement rings. Whether it’s encased in yellow gold, white gold or platinum, a big, shiny, perfect rock is always the best choice. Yes, most engagement rings are pretty expensive, and celebrity engagement rings cost a fortune, but it’s better to struggle and get the right one, because, in theory, you only have to do it once. The engagement ring is an important symbol of your love and dedication to a woman and of her accepting you in her life forever. A cheap version of a ring will only cheapen the occasion and ruin the moment. Mens fashion advice don’t usually contain tips about choosing an engagement ring, and this we think is wrong, because many of them must struggle in finding the best jewelry to represent their love for the woman whom they wish to marry. Reynolds however seems to know what he’s about, and he’s found the perfect ring for Blake, a simple stone that represents her beauty. So it isn’t always about mens fashion advice, but about knowing your significant other well enough to choose something they will like.


Cher Lloyd celebrated her recent engagement by tattooing a small red heart on her wedding finger, on top of which now stands a small and elegant diamond ring. A very good manufacturer of celebrity engagement rings is the Bond Street jeweler Goode and Son from England, which is where Gethin Jones bought his former girlfriend, Katherine Jenkins, an engagement ring valued at $ 16,000. Una Healey received from her boyfriend Ben Foden a ring consisting of a simple cluster of Cartier diamonds on a thin band. This is a classy, yet not classic engagement ring, which is a welcomed change.

Other celebrity engagement rings that you can be inspired from are seen on hands of women like Peaches Geldof – who received a simple gold band adorned with three diamonds –, Scarlett Johansson, or Queen Elisabeth’s oldest grand-daughter, Zara Phillips who received  a sparkling circle solitaire set in a beautiful band of pavé diamonds from her husband-to-be, rugby player Mike Tindall. These and many other examples are out there, but the best choice is to have a look down the jeweler’s yourself.