Celebrity fashion mistakes

Nowadays, fashion is a subject that everyone talks about. Everyone has their own opinion about it, but how many of them are right? How are we supposed to dress in order to keep up with the constant changes in fashion? Does fashion represent whatever you like to wear and makes you feel comfortable? For some yes, but most of the time people tend not to care at all about their clothes.

Unfortunately, celebrities can’t do the same, because the eyes of the whole world are pointed at them, and the paparazzi can’t wait to see them making a mistake. But even they make mistakes.

  • Celebrity fashion mistakes #1

People from the American reality show Jersey Shore. We have seen a lot of crazy outfits but some of them can simply burn your eyes. Snooki wore once a dress so short that revealed everything we didn’t want to see. She combined it with under the knee socks and guess what? Flip flops. Deena has the same style as her friend. She likes to match so many patterns, that you feel like you’re seeing a clown’s costume. The boys try to be trendy too and look irresistible by combining elegant shirts with sneakers, but the only impression they give us is that their style is simply unacceptable.

  • Celebrity fashion mistakes #2

Another huge mistake was made by Lady Gaga at the 2010 MTV Video Music Words Awards, who decided to shock the entire audience and the viewers by wearing a dress made completely of raw beef. We already know that Lady Gaga’s style is very versatile and that she always wears the latest creations from top fashion designers, but why a meat dress? What was she trying to prove? The dress was condemned by the animal rights groups and it was described as the most outrageous fashion moment of the evening. As Beyonce said in the video they made together: “You’ve been a very very bad girl Gaga”.

  • Celebrity fashion mistakes #3

Kim Kardashian always had a place in the fashion mistakes list, especially since she is in a relationship with Kanye West. She states that she dresses more for the man next to her than for herself, and Kanye defends his girlfriend saying that Kim’s mistakes represent a way to show the world how much she loves him, considering that she changed her entire wardrobe for him. That tight dress she wore on the red carpet, with that floral pattern doesn’t flatter her silhouette at all, especially because she was pregnant. Keeping up with this Kardashian? How about no!

Everyone can make mistakes when it comes to clothes, even celebrities who always have an army of people who have to make sure they look perfect when they step outside. We just have to pay attention to the details and to try to choose the classic combinations, because some of them are timeless.