Celebrity Makeup

   Celebrities are trendsetters and everyone looks at them for the latest fashion in clothing, accessorizing or makeup. Every girl wants to look her best and that usually means looking like a movie star or singer, because they are the most visible and visual idols one can find. Since most celebrities are beautiful women dressed by the most famous fashion artists and wear makeup applied by the best makeup artists and hairstylists, it’s no wonder we all want to look like them. But in order to achieve that celebrity makeup it is not only important to use good makeup products, but we need to know how to apply them correctly and in a sufficient quantity.

One of the most important celebrity makeup looks is the smoky-eyes. Since it’s less likely for us to end up on the red carpet, a softer version of the smoky-eyes can be achieved by using softer versions of eye shadow applied with scarcity. Champagne is a prefect color for smoky eyes. For another celebrity makeup that can make heads turn and hearts break girls can try combining red rouge lips with rosy cheek powder. Red lipstick isn’t new, but this combination makes Emma Watson look stupendous. If you want your lipstick to last longer, try this tip: hold a tissue over the lips and tap some loose powder over it; peel it away gently and see the results: color that lasts for hours.

If there is one thing that all celebrities have in common, that is certainly a rich set of lashes. Since most celebrities use eyelash extensions, they must find a way of treating their lashes after using the extensions for a long period of time. For this purpose, the best solution is a good lash growth serum. You can make this serum at home with petroleum jelly and other natural ingredients or you can buy a good lash growth serum from a beauty shop.

Mila Kunis’ celebrity makeup trademark is the shadowy cat eyes. You rim the insides of your eyes with black eyeliner and smudge it along the lower lash line. Afterwards, apply a neutral color on the eyelids and dot the outer corners with black pencil, smudging it with Q-tips. Then apply black eye shadow at the base of the eyelids, smudging it outwards; finish it off with lots of mascara and you’re ready for a night in town.

Always seems like celebrity makeup is out of your reach? Well the following tip helps women create the impression of fuller lips: use a colorless lip balm with shimmer and apply it on the edges of your upper lip. The effect of light in that area will make lips look bigger after you apply some lipstick as well, but make sure it’s not matte, as that doesn’t reflect light. Finish transforming your lips by adding a swipe of the shimmering lip balm on the center of the lower lip. An important accessory when wanting to look fabulous is the lash-curler, an instrument that shouldn’t miss from any woman’s makeup kit.

These are just a few ideas to help girls and women everywhere achieve that celebrity makeup look they all want.