Celebrity short hairstyles

   Celebrities influence the way we live not only through their movies and music, but through the way they live as well. We adopt or imitate their fashion, hairstyles, or lifestyles in the attempt to improve ourselves and be in tone with the latest fashion. Until the beginning of the twentieth century, the idea of woman was very different from what we know today. A lady was supposed to be quiet, delicate and caring and had to dress and behave a certain way. They had to wear long dresses that would cover up most of their bodies and long haircuts, though it wasn’t appropriate to walk around with loose hair. Yet, since the invention and increase in popularity of the motion pictures and after World War I, women shortened their dresses and skirts to match their favorite celebrity short hairstyles. After the war women became much more dynamic and present in society, so they had to adapt the way the looked and behaved.


Celebrity short hairstyles had a powerful effect on women and men everywhere and they became even more common towards the middle of the century. Movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn had a big influence on women’s hairstyles. For example, that celebrity short hairstyle that Audrey Hepburn wore for a long time and that gave her that elfish look we all recognize had become so popular that women would just enter a hair salon and order an “Audrey Hepburn” haircut. Marilyn Monroe showed women that wearing short and curly blonde hair is sensual and very feminine. Though the short celebrity haircuts had a certain influence, they merely advertised the changes that were taking place due to the social events. The woman’s status in society was earned with a lot of hard work and sacrifices and perhaps ion a way, the short hair is a statement. It reminds us that as long as we put out heart in it, there’s nothing that we can’t achieve.


Even today we still see celebrity short hairstyles worn by women like Madonna – who at one point of her career had adopted a very Marilyn Monroe look –, Halle Berry, Rihanna or Emma Watson and Michelle Williams. The last couple of years have seen many celebrities wearing short haircuts for women, proving that a short hairstyle doesn’t have to mean you can’t style it. There are many ways to renew a short haircut; it may even be easier than with longer hair, which needs more care and attention. If you ever feel like you lack the creativity to change the style of your short hair, you can always find inspiration in the short celebrity haircuts. If there’s one thing that all celebrities can do, that thing is constantly reinventing themselves.


We can see celebrity short hairstyles in numerous colors from blonde to natural to crazy colors like strong red or green. Still, a short haircut doesn’t have to mean you’ll look like a boy. Shoulder-length haircuts or jaw-line lengths are still dynamic and feminine. A shorter haircut like the bob can give a better shape to your head or hide a larger forehead or any other asymmetries.