Chanel Boy Bag

   The new spring line from the Chanel Boy Bag collection represents a shift from previous models, due to the transformations that give it a more modern, even industrial-like appearance, making them a perfect fit for both street wear and special occasions. The Chanel Boy Bag comes in multiple colors and models, each coming to satisfy the many needs and preferences of Chanel aficionados. Even Jennifer Lopez was spotted at a recent Chanel presentation, together with her little girl, Emme Anthony. Both were wearing Chanel from head to toe, with Emme wearing a lovely pink dress and shoes and Jennifer sporting a short white dress and a black Chanel Boy Bag.


This fall’s collection of Chanel Boy Bag will feature wider belts and will be available in pale pink, metallic gray, white or black colors. The clasp is bulky and the belt is strapped with big chain mail. Other Chanel Boy Bags come in red or very discreet pink tones or dirty whites. For those preferring something flashier, a black and gold model will also be available.


Another famous Chanel Boy Bag is the one with black and white leather squares equipped with copper-like clasps and chain belt. Very interesting is also the blue patent leather Chanel Boy Bag with golden belt and clasps adorned with crystals. This is a bag perfect for a night in town or a special, elegant event. Our favorite was the embossed black leather bag with dark clasps and chain mail, which is a purse that can be worn in almost any occasion. It looks elegant, but it could also be worn with a pair of pants or any other casual outfit.

The beige Chanel Boy Bag with the braided flap looks a bit outdated or vintage, which makes it ideal for older, more somber women who like to dress with elegance and style. Other models come in colors like plum velvet, dark green or dark indigo velvet.

Celebrities love their Chanel accessories, and, just like Jennifer Lopez who is fashionably-brave enough to wear Chanel at a Chanel fashion show, others too are willing to pay no matter what in order to own one of their perfect bags. Gwen Stefani was seen recently wearing a big, white Chanel Boy Bag from the Fall 2011 collection, at her son’s birthday. Other celebrities who love Chanel are Kate Bosworth, who was seen wearing a black Chanel Boy Bag and Hillary Duff, with a dusty pink Chanel Boy Bag.