Chanel Quilted Tote

Fashion trends and chic accessories have always caught everyone’s eyes especially if the high fashion clothes and their accessories were worn by some celebrities who made different designers products gain even more popularity among women, no matter if we refer to high-class or average women.


One of the international luxury products companies is Chanel which is among the most exquisite and most expensive labels in the designer handbags category. Chanel has also a lot of celebrity fans who use its exclusive handbags and we often hear about a famous star who carried a Chanel bag in a special occasion or when going out. A good example of such celebrity is the famous actress Sarah Jesssica Parker, who was seen carrying a Chanel Quilted Tote from the brand’s Spring 2012 accessories collection. Chanel exquisite handbags are popular all around the world and also very popular around Hollywood, which has a great impact over masses thanks to its famous faces that live here or visit this city of movies whenever they want.


Among other fashion brands, Chanel is one of the most luxurious, classic and elegant brands. This brand is well known to specialize in haute couture as well as in ready to wear clothes, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances. This brand’s products are very chic and unique which makes them pretty expensive. These products are very hard to find and it is obvious that not any one can afford paying so much money for such luxurious things. There is no wonder why we see Chanel clothes and accessories only on famous persons who can afford wearing them. And for sure a chic Chanel Quilted Tote is not for every woman. Among the famous women who carried a Chanel bag assorted to branded clothes, we can mention Nicole Kidman, Audrey Tautou and Sarah Jessica Parker. But the image that made Chanel famous is the one belonging to the great actress Marilyn Monroe. She was an ideal female image that many other women tried to imitate throughout the decades and after her death she come to be even more famous alongside with the great fashion trends she opted for.

After the clothing line, the Chanel handbags are the most sought. Chanel classic black satin design, golden chain and hardware plus the recognizable interlocking C logo has given the most appreciated symbol internationally. The brand handbags changed in different fashion cycles. Among the most popular bags we should mention the iconic quilted tote handbag in calfskin which echoes Chanel’s classic design, the navy inspired Chanel handbag and the chic Chanel Quilted Tote