Dangers of eyelash extensions

After medical experts warned people about the dangers of eyelash extensions, including allergic reactions, infections and damage to the natural lashes, an investigation was conducted by Consumers Reports. The doctors consulted stated that this popular beauty procedure requires an adhesive that contains formaldehyde, a substance responsible for causing allergic reactions in some people. Although many salons use this type of harmful adhesive, other use safe, quality products.

Ophthalmologists warn us about the dangers of eyelash extensions. Because the cornea is fragile and susceptible to irritation, scarring and infection or any chemical exposure can be harmful. Moreover, if the glue clumps lashes or sticks to the skin, when the hairs grow out they get pulled out. Because women don’t want to leave their eyes bare they do back for more, creating a vicious circle. The glue can also cause allergies and if the utensils aren’t properly sterilized, infections can spread to the eyes. Any damage done to the eyelashes can affect the function of the eye, due tot the fact that eyelashes have protective functions.

Many high-end salon use product from the same company, NovaLash. Their safety data sheet for the fume-free adhesive has a hazards section that presents numerous side effects such as burns, irritations of eyes and mucous membranes and symptoms of non-allergic asthma in sensitive individuals exposed repeatedly. If you go you your local salon looking for affordable extensions, they will probably use a cheap adhesive that contains formaldehyde, a substance linked to allergies, organ system toxicity, irritation of the lungs, eyes or skin, reproductive toxicity and cancer.

There have been reports of infections of the cornea, irritation in the conjunctiva and infections along the eyelid margins. The dangers of eyelash extensions are a reality. Some people get eyelash extensions and wake up looking like they have lips on their eyelids because of allergic reactions. Certified cosmetologists say that they are basically using super glue on your eyes and they can glue the client’s eyes wide shut or injure the eye with the tools.

Because trained professionals know how to avoid the dangers of eyelash extensions, the American Academy for Ophthalmology still allows the procedure. If you choose a licensed technician, the risks are small and eyelash extensions are relatively safe. However, a trained professional comes with a price and you usually get what you paid for. A cosmetologist who charges $30 foe the procedure will probably not use the proper technique. Before you choose a salon, do some extensive research in order to avoid any mistake that can be painful and harmful. Make sure the adhesive does not contain formaldehyde and ask for a hypoallergenic product if you are sensitive.

As you can see, eyelash extensions, just like hair extensions are not safe as they damage the hair on which they are glued. If you don’t need an immediate result, you can opt for a safer and longer lasting effect that can be achieved with the best eyelash growth product. If you read some eyelash growth serum reviews, you will see that each self respected cosmetic brand has at least one lash growth serum in their line of products. The prices vary from one brand to another but the best serum isn’t always the most expensive one. We advise you to read some eyelash growth serum reviews in order to find the best eyelash growth product and forget all about the dangerous lash extensions.