Lady Gaga Costumes

   Lady Gaga is one of the most controversial celebrities of the moment, not just because of her music and lifestyle, but because of her outrageous costumes as well. Just like Madonna was shocking some twenty years ago with her pointy bras, sexy videotapes and “like a virgin” songs, so is Lady Gaga now with her daring behavior and image. Since Halloween is approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to be inspired by Lady Gaga costumes for parties or trick-or-treating.


Those who will decide to wear Lady Gaga costumes for Halloween this year have a very rich source of inspiration and choice. Her clothes are always unique and over-the-top, like the meat-made dress she wore at the Grammy’s, and her outrageous and courageous shoes that defy gravity. Lady Gaga has a very strong fashion sense and she has understood that having a special and unique image can set her apart from other talented singers, and this is exactly what happened. There is no one to compare with her, at least where it concerns her outfits. She is sexy, daring and even scary sometimes, which is why Lady Gaga costumes are an ideal choice for Halloween. Besides, everyone knows who she is, so you won’t risk going as something that’s difficult to recognize. If you want your Lady Gaga look to be complete, you might also want to consider some Halloween nail designs. After all,  Lady Gaga was often seen sporting long witch-like stiletto nails.


Nevertheless, Lady Gaga costumes are all about taking risks. Think of her tuxedo skeleton costume: it’s sexy, elegant and creepy, like all Halloween costumes have to be. You can dare to be different with Lady Gaga costumes, choosing to wear her American flag outfit or the provocative blue bathing suit with shoulder pads from her “Poker Face” video.

Another good choice for a Halloween party is the black and silver sequin dress that you can find in an exact replica on authorized websites. Don’t stop here; rent or buy a Lady Gaga wig replica, like her blonde wig from the Yellow tour, the side ponytail wig or the Judas video wig with a bandana. Not only this, but you can find other accessories too, like replica glasses, jewelry and shoes that would complete your outfit.

The most important thing you must consider when going for a Lady Gaga costume is that a poorly made one will look worse than anything else, because her clothes are so original and abstract that any poor imitation will make you look lame. Better to give up the idea than take it only half-way through. Attention is all in the details. A costume will not be enough in order to look like Lady Gaga. You will also need to put some effort into styling your hair properly and you should definitely choose some stiletto Halloween nail designs.