Celebrity Fashion

   The way we dress and act are meant to show social status and preferences. In the past one could immediately tell the sort of person he was speaking to by analyzing their garments; these would even tell you what that person’s job was, or which part of the world they came from. As for fashion, it was invented by royalty and, subsequently, the rich; fashion as we know it today, or at least something similar, appeared around sixteenth century France, where women from high society fiercely competed for the best outfits, jewelry and hairstyle. Later on, fashion became available for the common man as well. Tailors were replaced by cheaper, wholesale stores that offered many advantages for the middle class and thus consumerism was born.

Since the invention of cinema and television, our models come from celebrity fashion. Movie stars and singers have access to the latest fashion and the most expensive clothing and since image can make or break a career, they are very careful to always look their best. The only change is this: before, little girls wanted to be princesses, whereas now they want to be celebrities. That is why everyone is so interested to know what dress Angelina Jolie wore this year on the red carpet, or what color hair Rihanna will have in her next video.

Celebrity fashion is created by the best fashion designers, and the two worlds support each other: stars get to look fabulous and designers have their creations paraded for the entire world to see by the most famous and beautiful people on the planet. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, make-up, even cars and houses are now products that celebrities promote while the world eagerly waits to be able to purchase those same products. This phenomenon is what led to the apparition of cheap, knock-off designer items. Everyone wants to be able to dress and look like celebrities, but since they can’t afford it, they have the option of buying similar commodities of lower quality.

This industry has evolved so much that now pretty much anyone who is famous and has an original look can become a designer. Celebrity fashion is now being created by celebrities themselves. Stars like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and others have their own clothing lines or perfumes, accessories and jewelry. Celebrities are the most visible people on the planet, so after all it’s only logical they become trendsetters and our best examples when it comes to looking good and being fashionable.