Mulberry Willow Tote

   Mulberry is a British luxury lifestyle brand known for their fashionable and qualitative products. It was established in rural Somerset in the 1970s and today its collections are inspired from the same craftsmanship and traditions that made it famous in the first place. Since 1991 they also offer lifestyle products like furniture or lingerie as a result of more and more demands from customers who wanted a Mulberry way of living. Still, Mulberry is most famous for its accessories, like the Mulberry Willow Tote bag, a product desired and sported by many celebrities. Mulberry products are sensual and elegant, but they are appropriate for both casual and formal styles.


Kate Moss is one of the Mulberry favorite celebrities. As thanks for her support of the brand, she was the first celebrity to have access to the new collection of Mulberry Willow Tote bags. Merely 24 hours after she attended the Spring 2013 collection, Kate Moss was seen carrying a black croc, or croc-embossed Mulberry Willow Tote bag from the collection regular people still have to wait for another six months. The bag was one of the two inaugurated at this presentation, specifically the larger version of the new Mulberry Willow Tote. Dressed down in a simple shirt with front pockets and horizontal blue stripes, a pair of tight pants and army green high-heeled boots, Kate Moss took hew new Mulberry Willow Bag for an afternoon of shopping in Milan before the Milan Fashion Week started.


Since Mulberry is Britain’s largest maker of luxury leather goods, it’s no wonder so many celebrities love to own their bags, even though the latest collection is named after the new Mulberry factory that was open in Somerset in June. The perfect words to describe the Mulberry Willow Tote are “practical”, “timeless” and “elegant”, thanks to its smart design. The Mulberry Willow Tote is fitted with a zip-detached envelope clutch and the similar Flower Tote, inspired from the English country garden, has a gold flower lock covered in laser-cut florals.

Among the celebrities that were seen at this year’s presentation there were Alexa Chung, Lana Del Rey, Rebecca Hall and Elizabeth McGovern. After the fashion show, Mulberry creative director Emma Hill stood for a photo-op with Kate Moss, Alexa and Lana, all of whom were wearing their own private Mulberry Willow Tote from the latest collection. Mulberry has gotten us used to its products that always balance luxury with a touch of whimsy, but the latest collection seemed to leap in the future with a sense of effortless sophistication in their clothing and tote bags collections alike.