Sofia Vergara Golden globes

Over the years, the female actresses manage to let us breathless when thinking about their beautiful appearance they got especially on the red carped. The Golden globes is one of the most perfect occasions where they can show off their confidence and good choices when talking about fashion, and there’s no wonder why since they are the ones to choose the outfits months before the event. One of the most flawless appearances we have spotted at the 2013 Golden globes was Sofia Vergara, the actress and model that can make any man forget about the place where he stays in. Let’s have a look at her!

This year, she managed to be the lady in black at the Golden globes. Sofia Vergara wore a beautiful and sparkling strapless dress with a low cut neck that made her look like a million bucks, as well as a red hot lipstick that made her pop. Her appearance was flawless, indeed, all accessorized with confidence and a white smile she wore all the way to the red carpet. In addition, she chose her hair to be let down, straightened, exactly what her outfit needed. Undoubtedly she was one of the most well dressed actresses in there, especially due to her hour glass figure – an inspiring choice!

In addition, she went for a Michael Cinco dress paired with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry, taking about which added a final touch to her appearance. She really made one of the most impressive choices from all time, so the only thing we should say is – way to go! We would love to see more of her on the red carpet!

These being said, if you are wondering what you should go for in this season, make sure you keep an eye on the Sofia Vergara appearances. The Golden globes event really was her moment of glory, so make sure to get inspired from here – there are hundreds of things that really worth being known! All you need to do is a little bit of time and a paper – the rest will come as it should. So, what is your favorite of the 2013 Golden globes? Have you already managed to choose it, or you are still looking for another one that can make you rethink about your choice? Either way your decision, Sofia Vergara will always remain a flawless stylish icon!