The Best Oscar Dresses of All Times

The Academy Awards, officially known today as The Oscars, are a set of prizes given each year at a formal ceremony for excellence of cinematic achievements. The Oscars were first given in 1929 and they also represent the oldest award ceremony in the world. Being the world’s most prominent award ceremony, it is televised in more than 100 countries annually.

Being such a big and important event, the celebrities had to put on their best gowns and suits to impress the viewers from all over the world. But because all suits look the same, we will focus on the ladies and try to establish which were the best Oscar dresses of all times.

The best person to start with is Audrey Hepburn, still known as an elegance icon by women all over the world. In 1953 she won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance in the movie Roman Holiday. She wore a Hubert de Givenchy dress that fitted her perfectly. The delicate flowers on the dress gave her an innocent yet sexy look and later on, she became the designer’s muse.

Another diva on the red carpet was Halle Berry. Twice. In 2002 she wore a unique Elie Saab dress. The top was transparent but with strategically placed embroidery and the train of the dress was made of red satin. That year she was also the first African-American actress to win an Oscar. Next year, in 2003, she chose Elie Saab again, this time wearing a golden glittering dress.

We couldn’t have carried on with this list without mentioning the world’s sexiest woman, who made an even sexier appearance in 2004 in her plunging white satin Marc Bouwer gown.

In 2007 Nicole Kidman looked absolutely divine in her red Balenciaga dress. A modern twist was added to the traditional cut of the dress. It represented a modern bow tied to the back of her neck. She was the personification of elegance at that ceremony.

In 2008, the French actress Marion Cotillard was at the top of the best dresses list when she appeared in a white and silver mermaid dressed designed by Jean Paul Gaultier. It was a very good choice, the dress fitted her perfectly and she looked amazing.

In 2011, Cameron Diaz represented the best possible example of Hollywood glamour in her Oscar de la Renta bejeweled dress. She kept only a few Cartier diamonds that brightened her overall appearance and made her look incredible.

It was Gwyneth Paltrow’s turn to have all eyes on her at the Oscars in 2012 when she made a bold decision to wear a minimalist white Tom Ford dress and a matching cape. But it worked, and she definitely stood out on the red carpet.

These ladies have definitely deserved to be on our list and the dresses they wore are considered elegance and fashion statements and a proof of Hollywood’s high life, so that’s why they are considered some of the best Oscar dresses of all times.