The Golden Age Celebrity Fashion Icons

Fashion is a concept which is continuously changing and evolving yet it continues to draw inspiration from the past. There are certain goddesses from Hollywood’s Golden Age which represent an eternal style inspiration for women all over the world. The fashion icons which we are about to present are the perfect mixture of power and femininity which is why they will forever be admired by all women. Lets bring a homage to these classy ladies and if you are ever in a style rut, you can always draw inspiration from the style of these timeless celebrity fashion icons.

  • Audrey Hepburn

The reason why Audrey Hepburn is at the top of the list is because she is known to be a complete woman. She is remembered not only for her successful career but also for her grace and her kind heart. She is one of the people who truly believed that beauty comes from within and only by looking at her eyes, you can deduct that she was a remarkably kind soul. Her kindness aside, Audrey’s style was defined by grace and simplicity. Even when she was adorned with precious jewelry, like in My Fair Lady, she managed to have a simple and delicate look.

  • Elizabeth Taylor

In contrast with Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor was a woman who liked opulence. However, she had a royal attitude which made her look sophisticated no matter how many opulent precious jewels she wore. Elizabeth Taylor continues to be not only one of the most beloved celebrity fashion icons but also a role model for strong women who will stop at nothing in order to have the life they deserve.

  • Marilyn Monroe

The most seductive of all celebrity fashion icons is without a doubt Marilyn Monroe. This Hollywood diva has always known how to show her best qualities while hiding her flaws. A lot of people may not think of Marilyn as a fashion icon because her style choices were rather simple and mainly consisted of seductive outfits. Nevertheless, it was her attitude which made her a powerful women who could pull off any type of clothes despite being quite curvy. A lot of modern women should consider this fact and should stop trying to lose weight in order to be stylish.

  • Marlene Dietrich

Unlike most celebrities of her time, Marlene Dietrich wasn’t particularly fond of girly outfits. Instead, she often wore manly outfits which included pantsuits, bow ties and fedoras. Still, her sensuality was undeniable no matter what she wore. It was perhaps her manly fashion style which made her feel powerful thus confident to express her sensual side.

  • Greta Garbo

If you think that being fashion icon in Hollywood’s golden age meant that you had to suffer for beauty, than you couldn’t be more wrong. If there’s one thing that we can learn from madam Garbo is that we can be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Greta Garbo was very fond of androgynous looks and she enjoyed comfortable outfits. Still, she was very stylish and a stunning appearance at all types of events.

Hollywood’s Golden Age has produced numerous immortal divas who will forever be remembered as great women. Aside from the 5 divas presented above, there are many more old Hollywood actresses that you can look up to in order to find your fashion inspiration. We have chosen to present these particular divas due to the fact that their stiles were very different yet they all looked stunning at all times. The fact is that their beauty and their style was not given by their clothes but by their attitude. This is an important lesson that all women should learn. If you ever feel common or insecure, you can always look up to these celebrity fashion icons in order to find your inspiration.