The most fashionable celebrities

The entertainment industry is not only about entertainment anymore it is also about who rocks the hottest outfits on the red carpet and much more. We already know that celebrities, both men and women, have an army of stylists who take care of their appearance and make them look good every time they go in public. Let’s see who are the most fashionable celebrities of 2013.

Starting with the ladies, it’s safe to say that one of the most well dressed celebrity is Kate Moss. Even if she is wearing a casual outfit or she has to make an appearance on the red carpet, she always makes her clothes look stunning. Her casual style combines simple yet classic elements: T-shirts with leather jackets and jeans, while her outfits at social events are simply breathtaking.
Another lady who looks amazing is Heidi Klum. The experience she has as a model and the fact that she worked with the best designers in the world for the Project runway show, made her one of the most fashionable celebrities out there.

Our next lady is not a model but she definitely has all eyes pointed at her. Michelle Obama impressed everyone with her elegant and classic look. She emphasizes her toned arms by wearing sleeveless dresses or blouses, and her waistline with wide belts.

Let’s move on with our most fashionable celebrities list and talk about men. Some of them really know how to look classy and elegant.
One of the best examples is Pharell. He can look good in jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers but also in a suit. He is not afraid to try new trends and when he finds something he likes he will wear it no matter what.

Jaden Smith, despite the fact that he is only 15 years old, is one of the most stylish celebrities. He puts more accent on the design of the clothes and the way they fit him, because he knows that wearing something only for the brand doesn’t guarantee an acceptable outfit.

This year the term “suit and tie” was definitely popularized by Justin Timberlake. He made a huge comeback and he looks better than ever. He is simply stunning in the classy, elegant suits he wears. And when he decides to wear something more casual, he simply rocks other fashionable outfits.

These are the most fashionable celebrities of 2013. We would all want to walk around in their shoes for one day, but even if we know that is not possible, we can try and take the best parts or the ones we like most from their styles. Try and keep it classic and elegant and you will always look like a celebrity too.