The Most Stylish Celebrity Tattoos

When they first appeared, tattoos were associated with a lower class of people. Nowadays, the wheels have turned and tattoos are now associated with rich and eccentric celebrities. Generally, tattoos are not expensive, but rich people tend to favor them more. Perhaps the main reason why tattoos are preferred by rich people is the fact that when money is not a problem for you, you tend not to care what people are thinking about you. However, not all tattoos manage to look fashionable. Some celebrity tattoos are tacky and ostentatious. Such is the case of Angelina Jolie’s Bengal tiger located on her back or Cheryl Cole’s giant lower back roses. If you are looking for some fashionable celebrity tattoos, you might find the following tattoos to be very inspiring.

  • Cara Delevingne’s diamond ear tattoo

Inner ear tattoos are very popular at the moment. While Rhianna tattooed a small star in her inner ear before Cara got her diamond, we like the diamond tattoo more as it is classier and better designed. Cara Delevigne is known for her passion for tattoos as she has several across various parts of her body. However, the diamond tattoo is not only the best of Cara’s tattoos, but one of the most fashionable celebrity tattoos.

  • Demi Lovato’s faith tattoo

Initially, Demi Lovato tattooed the word faith under her right elbow. Soon enough, the Disney sweetheart decided that the faith text was too simple and she added a flock of flying birds to it. The combination between the two tattoos was quite successful. Her new tattoo is very elegant and tasteful.

  • Megan Fox’ sexy tattoos

Megan fox is one of the most sensual Hollywood actresses. If you believed that her body could not get hotter, you should see her new tattoo. On her left shoulder, Megan got the following message tattooed: We will all laugh at gilded butterflies. We like Megan’s tattoo because it is elegant and sensual at the same time. The text is also very inspired. Megan also has a very interesting tattoo located on her rib cage. This tattoo has a very nostalgic vibe that suggest that Megan knows the pain of a broken heart.

  • Angelina Jolie’s Buddhist incantation

The Buddhist incantation located on Angie’s back, on the left shoulder is one of the most popular celebrity tattoos. While this tattoo is not very feminine, it characterizes Angelina as it has a vibe of strength and power. We all know that Angelina had struggled to find her inner piece for a while. Perhaps this tattoo represents the peace and strength that she found within herself after many struggles.