The Secrets of Hollywood Men

Just like women use Hollywood celebrity females as standards for beauty and success, so are men, willingly or not, influenced by the appearance and activities of male celebrities. Whether we like it or not, society places a lot of importance on looks, because it is in our genetic code to look for someone with whom beautiful, healthy offspring could be produced. So even when we admire someone just for lust’s sake, we are actually caving in to our most primordial and basic “survival of the species” kit. As such, we should stop being ashamed if what we truly want is to look better; we are not all endowed by nature with blue eyes and golden hair, we are not all perfectly symmetrical, and sometimes we’re too skinny or too fat.

While getting overly narcissistic and reaching a point where too many compromises and sacrifices have to be made in order to look a certain way is not encouraged, learning to care for your body, to appreciate and love it is necessary, and is something we should all exercise. Speaking of exercise, this is the first advice we give to those who want to look like male celebrities. Those men you so much admire spend hours and days at the gym, mostly with a personal trainer is true, but they do put in the hard work to get those hard abs. However, you should be careful about how you exercise, and you should always do it with health in mind, rather than just form.

Men’s bodies are built to gain muscle and get lean; while it isn’t easy, especially if you want to look like Chris Hemsworth, it is entirely possible if you create a good workout regimen. Focus on all your body parts, both as one and separately, and perform exercises that develop all the main muscles. You will gain muscle, flexibility, resistance, and it will be easy as cake to emulate your favorite celebrities from then on. Another aspect that stars like Hugh Jackman or Michael Fassbender are used as an example of is the hairstyle; a celebrity always has to sport a good haircut, and even facial hair can be a great accessory for men. Both of the guys we mentioned are often seen sporting a beard, and we do have to admit they look ruggedly sexy.

It is well known that beards are totally popular again, and they give a manlier aspect to anyone; how can you look more masculine? Invest in the best electric shaver on the market and learn how to trim and style a beard; remember however: simpler is better, and you should go for a classical beard like the ones Hugh and Michael sport in these pictures.

If you want to find more tips on how to groom a perfect beard, visit an electric shaver reviews website. Once you’ve got that under control, all you have to do is throw on a tuxedo and you’ll definitely turn heads! As you can see, looking like a celebrity is only three steps away: gym, haircut, and wardrobe. However, these steps will take a while to achieve, so be patient and visualize your goal when things get hard.