What Type of Star Style Suits You Best?

Most celebrities are known for having exquisite fashion senses which makes them role models for women around the world. Most women often try to imitate certain celebrities in an effort to look more stylish. However, even if you can afford the clothes that a certain celebrity wears or similar clothes, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will look just as good as them. Today we will try to help you find your star style inspiration by presenting some of the most popular celebrity fashion icons of the moment.

  • Blake Lively

Blake is no longer an up and comer in Hollywood as she has already made a name for herself as a good actress and an indisputable fashion diva. Most of her fame comes from the popular TV series, Gossip Girl, where she played a privileged young woman whose main interests were fashion and parties. In real life, Blake is not as wild at parties as her Gossip Girl character but she is definitely a fashion icon. Her style is characterized by bohemian looks with messy hairstyles and comfortable yet revealing outfits. You can inspire yourself from her star style if you too prefer natural and sensual looks. However, make sure that you have the body to pull of her outfits as Blake is known for her long legs and well toned body.

  • Taylor Swift

If you plan on inspiring your outfits from Taylor Swift’s star style, there are a couple of things that you need to know about her. For starters, this girl is not afraid on the spotlight and you shouldn’t be either if you want to imitate her outfits. Taylor loves to be portraited as a diva and she often finds inspiration in glamorous old divas like Marylin Monroe, Katheryn Hepburn or Grace Kelly. She loves retro hairstyles which have become one of her signature style choices. At glamorous events, Taylor often chooses sophisticated dresses which are revealing yet elegant.

  • Rihanna

If you are not the type of woman who plays by the rules, then perhaps your best star style inspiration should come from Rihanna. A lot of people consider her outfits to be over the top yet she always manages to be a stunning appearance. In order to pull off Rihanna’s style you need to have the type of face which looks good with all types of hairstyles and you need to be bold enough in order to shock with your outfits.

  • Leighton Meester

We include yet another Gossip Girt star to our list: Leighton Meester. This charming woman has understood her Gossip Girl character so well that it ultimately became a part of her and it completely redefined her fashion style. Her current style is very graceful with a lot of Audrey Hepburn influences. In order to be able to pull of this type of style, you need to be a calm and gentle person. She is not found of opulence or exuberance. On the contrary, her style reflects simplicity, grace and sensuality.